An Emerging Hair Trend at the Olympics

Love watching the Olympics. The sportsmanship, the international stage, the atheleticism, and the passion becomes something that is felt by nations around. But, excuse my departure from the stoicness as I introduce what I see to be a fantastic, trending hairstyle for men. We saw this look on David Backham at his spotlight with the Olympic torch (note: the flame is NOT part of the styling).

Not quite a faux hawk, but the hair is cropped close to the scalp on the sides and back of the head, while a generous strip of hair is styled in a flip. Sure, this is David Beckham; the style is not a huge departure from his past choices. However, the Germany men’s gymnastics team has been sporting this look as well. First up — Philipp Boy.

His strongly-sculpted facial features and high cheekbones – he could find a second career in modeling – match the militaristic look. The way in which the bulk of his hair is piled on his head only accentuates his features and his striking green eyes. In his version of this cut, the flip in his hair is minial, but enough to look artistic when viewed from the front. Next in line is Marcel Nguyen.

For those of you who have not yet heard of him, he is half-German and half-Vietnamese. His mixed features are compelling, and just as before, the hair helps. He sports a longer comb-back of the middle section of hair, and the comb-back crosses over from one side of the head to the other, as evident in the profile shot. This look is a little more extremist since the longer section of hair is more highly contrasted by the short crop near the sides.

Sleek, sophisticated, and serious describes this style best, making it a perfect match for the darker men’s collections for F/W 2012.

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